Dance Information Norway has gathered video-trailers and information about 60 Norwegian dance artist in order to give an overview of Norwegian artists and promote their work.
We registered 181 Norwegian choreographers and companies in 2014, so this is only a small selection based on submitted material.

Dance Information Norway’s next Norwegian dance documentation “project” will be an overview of dance crews in Norway.

winter guests is an international touring company performing works by Øyen from Bergen. Described as «sincere and emotive", the performances have won several awards and engaged audiences and critics alike. Web / Vimeo / Facebook

Human Works was founded by Adrián Minkowicz and Anne-Linn Akselsen. They work in the interface between dance, theatre and video art, creating unique performances with humor and critical thought. Web / Vimeo / Facebook

Works within the urban expression, where dancers/actors from the hiphop/break environment meet theatrical instruments and themes with social relevance.
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Dancer and choreographer specialized within streetdance. She uses mainly popping, hiphop and waacking techniques, but likes to mix styles to create stories, moods and the dancers own expression. Web / YouTube

Works with artists with a critical eye on the society who express this through dance, enabling the artists to grow, thus creating an exciting and unique repertoire
of high quality. Web / YouTube / Facebook

Project based company working with stage, film and site specific productions. Using the foundation in classical ballet and heightening it, drawing inspiration from visual art, cinematic nuance and music. Web / Vimeo / Facebook


Elle Sofe Henriksen is a choreographer from Northern Norway. Elle Sofe works with choreography and film.
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Erikk McKenzie has produced performances for theaters, galleries, public spaces, schools and elderly homes. Additionally he composes music and performs in other productions.
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Wee was established by Francesco Scavetta and Gry Kipperberg in Oslo in 1999. They have since produced 18 full-length pieces in collaboration with international institutions and have toured 33 countries. Web / YouTube / Facebook

GLOW Dance Company is a contemporary jazz dance company based in Stavanger, Norway. GLOW works with international and national choreographers. The dance company performs at a wide variety of events.
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H2DANCE is choreographer/performer duo Heidi Rustgaard (NO) and Hanna Gillgren (SE). They take and inter-
disciplinary and humorous approach to subject matters such as group behaviour, conformity, power and manipulation.
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FRIKAR is moving through unexplored territories to create bold, playful and free thinking art. The dance language is rooted in Hallgrim Hansegård’s contemporary work with Norwegian traditions.
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Choreographer based in Oslo, Norway. Her work is often aimed at children and adolescents. She works at the interface between dance and theater, with extensive use of video and text.
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Questions how spatial conventions affect the way we experience and move through private/public spaces. Through slight shifts, or manipulations they search for unexpected intersections between different components of a space.
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Choreographer who works in between theatre, dance and the visual arts. Her expression stretches from the subtle introvert – to the explosive extrovert. She’s known for challenging conventions regarding gender.
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The statement «art = politics» is one of the ideas behind Impure Company, established by Sharifi in 2000. The company creates projects that deal with political issues concerning content, format or context. Contact / Vimeo

Ina Christel Johannessen and her company Zero Visibility Corp. have thrilled audiences in 20 countries worldwide. The work is characterized by an energetic physicality with poetic and theatrical elements. Web / Vimeo / Facebook

Works with inter-aesthetic art projects and site-specific performances to explore the intricate ways of human behavior. Behind this lays a fundamental curiosity for life, nature, existential questions and the moving body. Web / Vimeo

iiK is a powerful trio with a strong artistic signature and a playful attitude towards performance art and dance. Charact-
erized by visually, strong concepts, intense outburst and withdrawal of energies. Web / Vimeo / Facebook

ICB Productions works at the interface between dance and theatre, and is aimed at children. The performances are visual, with original composed music and the shows are inspired by childrens perspective. Web / YouTube / Facebook