Shi Pratt Othering

Shi Pratt presenterer sitt avgangsprosjekt i master koreografi.

What possible outcomes arise when the collective body migrates between stability, uniformity and coherence, while at the same time multiple other collectivities construct and surround these same entities with similar aims?

In what way does relating to others generate a possibility for change in orientations?

What constitutes a sense of belonging for the fluctuating and subjective body when the mirror reveals an unspoken potential of a new vulnerability?

The work on the performance tries to reflect on otherness through a number of juxtaposed lenses, and draws it’s starting point from the instability and impermanence of the displaced body. Images of the other appear and desolve - together we try to investigate the complex relationship between the collective drive and the other. 

Shi Pratt, Koreograf
Sebastian Biong, Medskapende danser
Oda Bjørholm, Medskapende danser
Emilie Klitgaard Jungersen, Medskapende danser
Vilja Tjemsland Kwasny, Medskapende danser
Elin Andrine Lilleslåtten, Medskapende danser
Brage Nordang, Medskapende danser
Bjørk-Mynte Buchgraitz Paulse, Medskapende danser
Runa Sætervoll, Medskapende danser
Kyrre Heldal Karlsen, Scenografi, Lysdesign
André Løyning, Video
Øystein Moen, Komponist, Musikk, Lyddesign
Tuva Aanensen, Kostymedesign
Mari Ballangrud, Kostymedesign
Per Roar , Kunstnerisk veileder
Bojana Cvejic, Kunstnerisk veileder
Anne Grete Eriksen, Kunstnerisk veileder
Mia Haugland Habib, Kunstnerisk veileder
Kai Johnsen, Kunstnerisk veileder

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