Foto: Julia Born and Blommers-Schumm

Alexandra Bachzetsis (Sveits) Private: Wear a mask when you talk to me

In the late 1960s, Trisha Brown created a series of pieces dedicated to exploring every day movement and behavior. In order to denaturalize the dancer’s and the audience’s relationship to everyday uses of the body, Brown decided to stage the movement on a vertical wall, defying gravity using harnesses and ropes. Displaced to a vertical framework, ordinary movement was seen for the first time as a highly staged gesture, almost a virtuoso individual performance of an embodied normative cultural script.
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Alexandra Bachzetsis, Konsept, Koreograf, Utøver
Thibault Lac, Medskapende kunstner
Patrik Rimann, Lysdesign
Lies Vanborm, Lyd
Sotiris Vasiliou, Scenografi
Julia Born, Kommunikasjonsdesign
Cosima Gadient, Kostymedesign

27.10.20171900 Imir Scenekunst, StavangerKlikk på sted  
28.10.20171900 Imir Scenekunst, StavangerKlikk på sted