Tegning: Iben Edvardsen

Mette Edvardsen Matteo Fargion (Italia) Penelope Sleeps

Mette Edvardsen is venturing into the world of opera for the first time. Edvardse writes an essay suggesting alternative scenarios for the mythological figure of Penelope. In it, she looks for different facets beyond the waiting, which is usually the only feature the faithful wife is associated with. Essai means attempt in French, and opera is the Italian word for work. In this “attempt at work”, new horizons are opened up. A singer swathes Penelope Sleeps in sounds without conforming to classical notions of opera. Rather, this intimate evening is about the relationship between voice and language, body and music. About playing and experimenting – both in thought and in art.

Angela Hicks, Utøver
Matteo Fargion, Utøver, Musikk
Mette Edvardsen, Konsept, Utøver, Tekst
Bruno Pocheron, Lys

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